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341 Attalus Latin Name of a king. M
342 Attis Greek Son of Manes. M
343 Attis Latin Name of a priest. M
344 Attkins English Son of Aiken. M
345 Aufidius Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' Tullus Aufidius, General of the Volscians. M
346 Aufidus Latin From the river Apulia. M
347 Augeas Latin King of Elis. M
348 Augustus Biblical Increased; augmented M
349 Augustus English Introduced to Britian by the Hanoverians in the early 18th century, became popular until the beginning of the 20th century. M

350 Augustus German Majestic dignity; grandeur. M
351 Augustus Latin Meaning venerable or majestic, this title was first bestowed on Roman emperor Octavian in 27 BC. M
352 Augwys ArthurianLegend Brother of Lot. M
353 Aurelius Polish Variant of Aurek: Fair-haired. M
354 Aurelius Spanish Golden. M
355 Aus Muslim To give. Gift.. M
356 Autolycus Greek Son of Hermes. M
357 Autolycus Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' A rogue. M
358 Avedis Armenian Brings good news. M
359 Avernus Greek Portal to Hades. M
360 Avernus Latin Gate to Hades. M