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41 Actaeus Latin From Athens. M
42 Actoris Latin Son of Azeus. M
43 Adams Hebrew Variant of Adam: Man of the red earth. Adam was the first man created by God. M
44 Addams Hebrew Son of Adam: Man of the red earth. M
45 Addis English Son of Adam. M
46 Addis Hebrew Son of Adam: Man of the red earth. M
47 Adkins English Son of Aiken. M
48 Admetus Greek A king of Pherae. M
49 Adolphus German Noble wolf. M

50 Adolphus Latin Latinized form of the Old German Adalwolf' meaning noble wolf. Used by 17th and 18th century German royal families, and introduced into Britain by the Hanoverians. M
51 Adolphus Swedish Noble wolf. M
52 Adolphus Teutonic Noble wolf. M
53 Adonis Greek Handsome; a lord. Greek mythology; a youth beloved of Aphrodite. M
54 Adras Greek Manly. M
55 Adrastus Greek One of the attackers in 'The Seven Against Thebes'. M
56 Aeacus Greek Son of Zeus; grandfather of Achilles. M
57 Aedus Irish Fire. M
58 Aeetes Greek Medea's father. M
59 Aeetes Latin Medea's father. M
60 Aegaeus Latin From the Aegean sea. M