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141 Aloysius French Variant of Louis: Famous warrior, from the Old German 'Chlodovech'. Aloysius is the name of the Italian Saint Aloysius of Gonzaga, and common among British Roman Catholics. M
142 Aloysius Teutonic Famous in war. M
143 Alpheus Biblical A thousand; learned; chief M
144 Alpheus Greek River god. M
145 Alphonsus German Variant of Alphonso: From Old German Adalfuns meaning noble-ready. Common in Spain since the 7th century. Famous bearer: Gangster Al Capone's name was Alphonse. M
146 Alphonsus Irish Noble or ready. M
147 Alvis English All-knowing. M
148 Alvis Norse Wise. M
149 Alvis Scandinavian Origin uncertain, but may be from Scandanavian meaning all-wise. Alvis occurs in Norse mythology, and as the name of the 20th century Alvis motor car. M

150 Alviss Norse Wise. M
151 Amadeus Latin He who loves God. Famous Bearer: late composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. M
152 Amadis Latin Loves God. M
153 Ambros Irish Divine. M
154 Ambrosius Dutch Divine. M
155 Ambrosius Swedish Divine. M
156 Ambrus Greek Immortal. M
157 Ambrus Hungarian Hungarian form of Ambrose 'immortal'. M
158 Amenophis Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
159 Ames French Friend. M
160 Amias French From the Old French name derived from Latin 'amatus' meaning loved. In use since at least the 12th century. Used by 19th century British writer Charles Kingsley for the hero of his novel 'Westward Ho!'. M