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21 Aethelbert Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
22 Aethelbert English Noble or bright. M
23 Agilberht Anglo-Saxon Name of a bishop. M
24 Ailbert Scottish Noble. M
25 Alahmoot NativeAmerican Nez perce word for an elm branch. M
26 Albert English Noble, bright. From the Old German name Adalbert. Famous bearers: Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's consort who gave enthusiastic support to the applications of science. Albert Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity. M
27 Albert German Intelligent or noble. M
28 Albert Hungarian Bright or noble. M
29 Albert Swedish Strong as a bear. M

30 Albert Teutonic Illustrious. M
31 Albrecht English Variant of Albert: Old English for brilliant; bright; white. Alban and Albin are English surnames probably based on Spanish/Italian place name Alba. M
32 Albrecht German Intelligent or noble. M
33 Alburt English Noble or bright. M
34 Alcott English From the old cottage. M
35 Algot Scandinavian Surname. M
36 Amaanat Muslim Security. Deposit.. M
37 Amanat Muslim Variant of Amaanat: Security. Deposit.. M
38 Ambert Teutonic Intelligent. M
39 Amdt German Power of an eagle. M
40 Ameretat Indian Immortal. M