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241 Barakah Arabic Blessed. M
242 Barakat Muslim Blessings. Abundance. Prosperity.. M
243 Baram Hebrew Son of the nation. M
244 Baran Gaelic Noble warrior. M
245 Baran Russian The ram; forceful; virile. See also Baron. M
246 Baran Teutonic Noble fighter. M
247 Barclay Anglo-Saxon From the birch meadow. M
248 Barclay English Birch valley; birch tree meadow. M
249 Barclay Scottish The Scottish spelling of the English surname Barkeley, meaning birch-wood or the birch tree meadow. M

250 Barcley English Variant of Barclay: Birch valley; birch tree meadow. M
251 Bard Celtic Minstrel; a singer-poet. M
252 Bard English Minstrel; a singer-poet. M
253 Bard Gaelic Poet. M
254 Bard Irish Variant of Baird: Bard; travelling musician/singer. M
255 Bard Norse Good fighter. M
256 Bardalph English Ax wolf. M
257 Bardan English Lives near the boar's den. M
258 Bardaric English Ax ruler. M
259 Bardarik English Ax ruler. M
260 Bardawulf English Ax wolf. M