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321 Barnum English From the baron's home. M
322 Barny German Diminutive of Bernard: Brave. M
323 Baron English Warrior; A title of nobility used as a given name. M
324 Baron French A title of nobility used as a given name. M
325 Baron Hebrew Derived from phrase Bar Aaron meaning son of Aaron. M
326 Baron Teutonic Noble fighter. M
327 Barq Muslim Lightening. Telegraph.. M
328 Barqi Muslim Electric light.. M
329 Barr English Gateway. M

330 Barr Irish Variant of Baird: Bard; travelling musician/singer. M
331 Barra Celtic Marksman. M
332 Barra Gaelic Spear. M
333 Barra Irish Fair-haired; fair head. M
334 Barrak Hebrew Variant of Barak: Lightning.Flash of lightning. M
335 Barram Irish Handsome. M
336 Barrclay English Variant of Barclay: Birch valley; birch tree meadow. M
337 Barre English Gateway. M
338 Barret English Variant of Barnett. M
339 Barret German Mighty as a bear. M
340 Barrett English Bear power. Introduced to Britain during the Norman Conquest. Subsequently became common as a surname. Also a variant of Barnett. M