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461 Baudier English Variant of Balder: Brave warrior; bold army. M
462 Baudier Scandinavian Variant of Balder: Prince. M
463 Baudoin German Variant of Baldwin: Brave friend. M
464 Baudric German Variant of Baldric: Brave ruler. M
465 Baug Norse Son of Raud. M
466 Baul English Snail. M
467 Bavol English Wind. M
468 Bawdewyn Anglo-Saxon Bold friend. M
469 Bawdewyne Anglo-Saxon Bold friend. M

470 Bax English Baker. M
471 Baxter English Baker. M
472 Bay English Variant of Bayard auburn-haired. M
473 Bay French Variant of Bayard 'auburn-haired.'. M
474 Bay Vietnamese Name that means 'born on Saturday'. M
475 Bayard English Auburn-haired. M
476 Bayard French Auburn-haired. Bayard was a sixteenth-century French knight and national hero renowned for valor and purity of heart. M
477 Bayard Teutonic Reddish - brown hair. M
478 Bayarde English Variant of Bayard: Brown hair. M
479 Bayen Anglo-Saxon From Ban. M
480 Bayerd Irish Variant of Baird: Bard; travelling musician/singer. M