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601 Beeri Biblical My well. M
602 Beeroth Biblical Wells, explaining. M
603 Beersheba Biblical The well of an oath, the seventh well. M
604 Behellagh Irish Variant of Baothghalach: Foolish pride. M
605 Behemoth Biblical Beasts. M
606 Behraam Muslim Variant of Behram: Mars. Planet.. M
607 Behram Muslim Mars. Planet.. M
608 Behrooz Persian Lucky. M
609 Beinean Irish Variant of Beanon: Good. M

610 Beinean Latin Blessed. M
611 Beineon Irish Variant of Beanon: Good. M
612 Beini Norse Name of a smith. M
613 Beinish Hebrew Right-hand son. M
614 Beinvenido Spanish Welcome. M
615 Beircheart Irish Shining army. M
616 Beiste Scottish Beast. M
617 Bek English Brook. M
618 Bekah Biblical Half a shekel. M
619 Bela Czech White. M
620 Bela Hebrew Destruction. M