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781 Beornet English Leader. M
782 Beornham English From the nobleman's home. M
783 Beornheard English The Old English variant of the German Bernard, meaning bear-hard. M
784 Beornwulf Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
785 Beowulf Anglo-Saxon Intelligent wolf. M
786 Ber German Bear. M
787 Ber Hebrew Bear. M
788 Bera Biblical A well, declaring. M
789 Berachah Biblical Blessing, bending the knee. M

790 Berachiah Biblical Speaking well of the Lord. M
791 Beraiah Biblical The choosing of the Lord. M
792 Berakhiah Hebrew God blesses. M
793 Berchtwald German Bright ruler. M
794 Bercilak ArthurianLegend The Green Knight. M
795 Bercleah English Lives at the birch tree meadow. M
796 Bercnan Irish Variant of Bearach: Spearlike. M
797 Berde Danish Glacier. M
798 Berdy German Intelligent. M
799 Berdy Russian Very intelligent. M
800 Berea Biblical Heavy, weighty. M