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921 Berwynne English Variant of Berwin: Harvest-time friend. M
922 Bes Egyptian Brings joy. M
923 Besai Biblical A despising, dirty. M
924 Beshiltheeni NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning metalworker. M
925 Besodeiah Biblical Counsel of the Lord M
926 Besor Biblical Glad news, incarnation. M
927 Bestandan Anglo-Saxon Stands beside. M
928 Besyrwan Anglo-Saxon Ensnares. M
929 Betah Biblical Confidence. M

930 Beten Biblical Belly. M
931 Beth Scottish Lively. M
932 Beth-aram Biblical House of height. M
933 Beth-aven Biblical The house of vanity, of iniquity of trouble. M
934 Beth-azmaveth Biblical House of death's strength. M
935 Beth-baalmeon Biblical An idol of the dwelling-place. M
936 Beth-barah Biblical The chosen house. M
937 Beth-birei Biblical The house of my Creator, the house of my health. M
938 Beth-car Biblical The house of the lamb. M
939 Beth-dagon Biblical The house of corn, or of fish. M
940 Beth-diblathaim Biblical House of dry figs. M