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961 Bethabara Biblical The house of confidence. M
962 Bethanath Biblical House of affliction. M
963 Bethany Biblical 'The house of song, the house of affliction' M
964 Betharabah Biblical House of sweet smell. M
965 Bethel Hebrew House of God, from a biblical place name. M
966 Bethell Hebrew House of God, from a biblical place name. M
967 Bethemek Biblical House of deepness. M
968 Bether Biblical Division, or in the trial. M
969 Bethesda Biblical House of pity or mercy. M

970 Bethphage Biblical House of my month M
971 Bethsaida Biblical House of fruits, or of food, or of snares. M
972 Bethshan Biblical House of the tooth, or of ivory, or of sleep. M
973 Bethuel Biblical Filiation of God. M
974 Betlic Anglo-Saxon Splendid. M
975 Betonim Biblical Bellies. M
976 Betserai African Zimbabwean name meaning 'help'. M
977 Betzalel Hebrew In God's shadow. M
978 Beval English Like the wind. M
979 Bevan Celtic Young soldier. M
980 Bevan Welsh Evan's son. M