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981 Beven Welsh Youthful. M
982 Beverlee English Variant of Beverly: Beaver stream. M
983 Beverleigh English Variant of Beverly: Beaver stream. M
984 Beverley English Beaver stream, from the beaver meadow. Derived from a surname and place name. First used as a boy's first name in the late 19th century, it gradually came to be used also as a girl's name, although Beverly is the more common feminine form. M
985 Beverly English From the beaver meadow. M
986 Bevin Celtic Young soldier. M
987 Bevin Welsh Youthful. M
988 Bevis French Handsome face. Also 'from Beauvais'. M
989 Bevis Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' George Bevis. M

990 Bevis Teutonic Archer. M
991 Bevon Welsh Variant of Bevan: Evan's son. M
992 Bevyn Celtic Young soldier. M
993 Bevyn Welsh Youthful. M
994 Bezai Biblical Eggs. M
995 Bezaleel Biblical In the shadow of God. M
996 Bezek Biblical Lightning, in the chains. M
997 Bezer Biblical Vine branches. M
998 Bhaga Indian Uncertain whether god of love or luck. M
999 Bhagwandas Indian Serves God. M
1000 Bhaic Scottish Bank. M