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1001 Bhakati Hindi Devotion. M
1002 Bhaltair Scottish Strong fighter. M
1003 Bhanu Hindi The sun. M
1004 Bharain Gaelic Lives near the clear stream. M
1005 Bharat Hindi Name of a saint. M
1006 Bhaskar Hindi Sun. M
1007 Bhaskar Indian Sun. M
1008 Bhaskara Hindi Provides light. M
1009 Bhasvah Hindi Light. M

1010 Bhaswar Hindi Variant of Bhasvah: Light. M
1011 Bhavata Indian Dearly loved. M
1012 Bhavnish Hindi King. M
1013 Bheathain Gaelic Lives near the clear stream. M
1014 Bhikkhu Indian A monk. M
1015 Bhima Indian Terrible. M
1016 Bhishma Indian Terrible. M
1017 Bhoja Hindi The name of a Hindu king in the 11th century. M
1018 Bhradain Scottish Salmon. M
1019 Bhraghad Scottish From the upper part. M
1020 Bhreac Scottish Speckled. M