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1021 Bhric Scottish Speckled. M
1022 Bhruic Gaelic Badger. M
1023 Biadhaiche Gaelic Blesses. M
1024 Biaiardo Italian Reddish - brown hair. M
1025 Bialas Polish White; white haired. M
1026 Bialy Polish Diminutive of Bialas: White; white haired. M
1027 Biast Scottish Beast. M
1028 Bichri Biblical First-born, first fruits. M
1029 Bick English From the hewer's ford. M

1030 Bickford English From the hewer's ford. M
1031 Bicoir ArthurianLegend Father of Arthur. M
1032 Bidkar Biblical In compunction, or sharp pain. M
1033 Bidziil NativeAmerican He is strong (Navajo). M
1034 Biecaford English From the hewer's ford. M
1035 Biford English Lives at the river crossing. M
1036 Bifrost Norse The bridge from earth to Asgard. M
1037 Bigot Shakespearean 'King John' Lord Bigot. M
1038 Bigthan Biblical In the press, giving meat. M
1039 Bigvai Biblical In my body. M
1040 Bilagaana NativeAmerican White person (Navajo). M