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1381 Bors ArthurianLegend Uncle of Arthur. M
1382 Bort English Fortified. M
1383 Borya Russian Fighter. M
1384 Boryenka Russian Fighter. M
1385 Borys Polish Stranger. M
1386 Borys Slavic Variant of Boris: Warrior. Famous Bearers: monster movie actor Boris Karloff and Russian president Boris Yeltsin. M
1387 Borysko Slavic Fighter. M
1388 Borysko Ukrainian Warrior. M
1389 Boryslaw Polish Battle glory. M

1390 Boseda African Nigerian name given to a child born on Sunday. M
1391 Boskath Biblical In poverty. M
1392 Boson Biblical Taking away. M
1393 Boston English A place name. M
1394 Bosworth English Lives at the cattle enclosure. M
1395 Botan Japanese Long life. M
1396 Botewolf English Herald wolf. M
1397 Both Scottish From the stone house. M
1398 Bothain Scottish From the stone house. M
1399 Bothan Scottish From the stone house. M
1400 Bothe English Lives in a hut. M