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1581 Braxton English Brock's town. M
1582 Brayden English Broad hillside. M
1583 Brayden Irish Broad hillside. M
1584 Braydon English Broad hillside. M
1585 Braydon Irish Broad hillside. M
1586 Braz Latin Stutters. M
1587 Brazil Irish Variant of Brasil: War. M
1588 Breac Scottish Speckled. M
1589 Breanainn Celtic Sword. M

1590 Breandan Celtic Sword. M
1591 Breandan Gaelic Brave. M
1592 Breandan Irish Prince. M
1593 Breasal Irish Pain. Also a variant of Brasil: War. M
1594 Brecc Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
1595 Breck Gaelic Freckled. M
1596 Bredbeddle ArthurianLegend The Green Knight. M
1597 Brede Danish Glacier. M
1598 Brede Norse Broad. M
1599 Brede Scandinavian Glacier. M
1600 Bredon Celtic Sword. M