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41 Bhishma Indian Terrible. M
42 Bhoja Hindi The name of a Hindu king in the 11th century. M
43 Bilagaana NativeAmerican White person (Navajo). M
44 Binea Biblical Son of the Lord M
45 Birsha Biblical An evil; a son who beholds M
46 Bithynia Biblical Violent precipitation. M
47 Blathma Irish Flower. M
48 Boda English Herald. M
49 Bodashka Ukrainian God's gift. M

50 Bodua African Ghanian name that means 'animal tail'. M
51 Bogdashha Russian Gift from God. M
52 Bogdashka Czech Variant of Bohdan: Gift from god. M
53 Bolodenka Russian Peaceful. M
54 Bolodenka Slavic Universal. M
55 Bon-hwa Korean Glorious. M
56 Borya Russian Fighter. M
57 Boryenka Russian Fighter. M
58 Boseda African Nigerian name given to a child born on Sunday. M
59 Bovra Czech Variant of Borivoj: Great soldier. M
60 Bovza Czech Variant of Bozidar: Gift from God. M