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1 Bac Scottish Bank. M
2 Baldric German Brave ruler. M
3 Bardaric English Ax ruler. M
4 Bardric German Variant of Bardrick: Soldier who wields an axe. M
5 Barric English Grain farm. M
6 Basic Greek Diminutive of Basil: Royal. Kingly. St Basil the Great was Bishop of Caesarea in the latter half of the 4th century. This name was introduced into Western Europe by the Crusaders. Derived from the same Greek word as the plant name basil. M
7 Baudric German Variant of Baldric: Brave ruler. M
8 Beadurinc Anglo-Saxon Warrior. M
9 Bec Irish Diminutive of Beacan: Small. M

10 Benoic Anglo-Saxon From Ban. M
11 Beric English Grain farm. M
12 Betlic Anglo-Saxon Splendid. M
13 Bhaic Scottish Bank. M
14 Bhreac Scottish Speckled. M
15 Bhric Scottish Speckled. M
16 Bhruic Gaelic Badger. M
17 Blaec English Black or white. M
18 Boc English Male deer. M
19 Borc Scandinavian Castle. M
20 Brac Welsh Free. M