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1 Baal-gad Biblical Idol of fortune or felicity. M
2 Baird Celtic Bard. M
3 Baird English Minstrel; a singer-poet. M
4 Baird Gaelic Poet. M
5 Baird Irish Bard. M
6 Baird Scottish From Baird. M
7 Bald German Diminutive of Baldwin: Brave friend. M
8 Ballard German Mighty. M
9 Bamard German Brave as a bear. M

10 Bannruod German Famous commander. M
11 Bard Celtic Minstrel; a singer-poet. M
12 Bard English Minstrel; a singer-poet. M
13 Bard Gaelic Poet. M
14 Bard Irish Variant of Baird: Bard; travelling musician/singer. M
15 Bard Norse Good fighter. M
16 Barend Dutch Bear. M
17 Barend Scandinavian Firm bear. M
18 Barnard English Strong as a bear. A variant of Bernard which was in common usage in medieval Britain.Variant of Bernard. M
19 Barnard German Variant of Bernard strong as a bear. M
20 Barnhard German Variant of Bernard: Brave. M