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21 Bayard English Auburn-haired. M
22 Bayard French Auburn-haired. Bayard was a sixteenth-century French knight and national hero renowned for valor and purity of heart. M
23 Bayard Teutonic Reddish - brown hair. M
24 Bayerd Irish Variant of Baird: Bard; travelling musician/singer. M
25 Bayhard English Reddish brown hair. M
26 Bayrd Irish Variant of Baird: Bard; travelling musician/singer. M
27 Beamard Irish Brave as a bear. M
28 Bearnard Gaelic Gaelic form of Bernard. M
29 Bearnard Scottish Bear strong. M

30 Beauregard French Respected; regarded highly (literal translation is Beautiful/handsome gaze). M
31 Bedad Biblical Alone, solitary. M
32 Bedford English Derived from the English place name, meaning Bede's ford. Most frequently used as a surname. M
33 Bedford Shakespearean 'King Henry V' Duke of Bedford, brother to the King. 'Henry VI, Part 1' Duke of Bedford, uncle to King Henry VI, and Regent of France. M
34 Bemossed NativeAmerican Walker. M
35 Benedid Latin Blessed. M
36 Benhadad Biblical Son of Hadad; or noise M
37 Beornheard English The Old English variant of the German Bernard, meaning bear-hard. M
38 Berchtwald German Bright ruler. M
39 Bered Biblical Hail. M
40 Berend German Brave as a bear. M