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21 Bartleigh English From Bart's meadow. M
22 Baruch Biblical Who is blessed M
23 Baruch Greek Goodly. M
24 Baruch Hebrew Blessed. M
25 Beach English Diminutive of Beacher: Close to beech trees. M
26 Bealiah Biblical The god of an idol; in an assembly M
27 Bealoth Biblical Cast under. M
28 Bearach Gaelic Spear. M
29 Bearach Irish Spearlike. M

30 Beartlaidh Aramaic Ploughman. M
31 Beartlaidh Irish From Bart's meadow. M
32 Bechorath Biblical First fruits. M
33 Bedaiah Biblical The only Lord M
34 Bedeiah Biblical The only Lord M
35 Bedrich Czech Ruler of peace. M
36 Beeroth Biblical Wells, explaining. M
37 Behellagh Irish Variant of Baothghalach: Foolish pride. M
38 Behemoth Biblical Beasts. M
39 Beinish Hebrew Right-hand son. M
40 Bekah Biblical Half a shekel. M