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41 Belah Biblical Destroying. M
42 Belch Shakespearean 'Twelfth Night', also called 'What You Will' Sir Toby Belch, uncle of Olivia. M
43 Benaiah Biblical Son of the Lord M
44 Benaiah Hebrew God builds. M
45 Bentleah English From the bent grass meadow. M
46 Bentleigh English From the bent grass meadow. M
47 Benzoheth Biblical Son of separation M
48 Beolagh Irish Foolish pride. M
49 Berachah Biblical Blessing, bending the knee. M

50 Berachiah Biblical Speaking well of the Lord. M
51 Beraiah Biblical The choosing of the Lord. M
52 Berakhiah Hebrew God blesses. M
53 Bercleah English Lives at the birch tree meadow. M
54 Bergh German Variant of Berg: Mountain. M
55 Beriah Biblical In fellowship, in envy. M
56 Berith Biblical Covenant. M
57 Berothath Biblical Of a well. M
58 Berth Welsh Legendary son of Cadwy. M
59 Besodeiah Biblical Counsel of the Lord M
60 Betah Biblical Confidence. M