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61 Beth Scottish Lively. M
62 Beth-azmaveth Biblical House of death's strength. M
63 Beth-barah Biblical The chosen house. M
64 Beth-lebaoth Biblical House of lionesses M
65 Beth-marcaboth Biblical House of bitterness wiped out M
66 Beth-nimrah Biblical House of rebellion M
67 Beth-shemesh Biblical House of the sun. M
68 Bethanath Biblical House of affliction. M
69 Betharabah Biblical House of sweet smell. M

70 Beverleigh English Variant of Beverly: Beaver stream. M
71 Bhasvah Hindi Light. M
72 Bhavnish Hindi King. M
73 Bilgah Biblical Ancient countenance. M
74 Bilhah Biblical Who is old or confused. M
75 Binah Hebrew Understanding. M
76 Binh Vietnamese Section. M
77 Birch English Bright; shining; the birch tree. M
78 Bizjothjah Biblical Despite. M
79 Blaecleah English From the dark meadow. M
80 Blyth English Merry. M