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1 Baali Biblical My idol; lord over me M
2 Babafemi African Nigerian for 'my father loves me'. M
3 Babafemi Egyptian Beloved of his father. M
4 Bakari African Swahili name meaning 'promising'. M
5 Bakari Egyptian Noble oath. M
6 Bakli Norse Son of Blaeng. M
7 Balasi Greek Flat footed. M
8 Bali Hindi Variant of Balin: Soldier. Also, in Hindu mythology, the monkey king who can weaken enemies with a wish. M
9 Bali Indian Mighty warrior. M

10 Baniti Egyptian Teacher. M
11 Bardi Norse Son of Gudmund. M
12 Bari Arabic Of Allah. M
13 Barqi Muslim Electric light.. M
14 Bartoli English Variant of Bartholomew: Son of a farmer. Both surname and given name. M
15 Bartoli Spanish Ploughman. M
16 Baruti African Botswanan name meaning 'teacher'. M
17 Barzillai Biblical Son of contempt; made of iron M
18 Bazyli Greek Royal. M
19 Bazyli Polish Kingly. M
20 Bebai Biblical Void, empty. M