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21 Bebti Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
22 Beer-lahai-roi Biblical The well of him that liveth and seeth me. M
23 Beeri Biblical My well. M
24 Beini Norse Name of a smith. M
25 Bemidii NativeAmerican Ojibwa name meaning river by a lake. M
26 Ben-ami Hebrew Son of the people. M
27 Ben-ammi Biblical Son of my people M
28 Benci Hungarian Blessed. M
29 Benci Latin Blessed. M

30 Benimi Biblical Our sons M
31 Benji English Diminutive of Benjamin: Right-hand son. M
32 Benoni Biblical Son of my sorrow or pain M
33 Benoni Hebrew Son of my sorrows. M
34 Benzi Hebrew Good son. M
35 Beri Biblical My son; my corn M
36 Berothai Biblical Wells, a cypress. M
37 Bersi Norse Son of Bakli. M
38 Berti Aramaic Ploughman. M
39 Besai Biblical A despising, dirty. M
40 Beshiltheeni NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning metalworker. M