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1 Bagwunagijik NativeAmerican Variant of Buegoneguig: Chippewa name meaning hole in the sky. M
2 Balak Biblical Who lays waste or destroys M
3 Baldrick German Variant of Baldric: Brave ruler. M
4 Baldrik German Bold. M
5 Barak Biblical Thunder; or in vain M
6 Barak Hebrew Flash of lightning. In the bible the valiant fighting man Barak cooperated with the prophetess Deborah to win victory in battle against overwhelming odds. M
7 Bardarik English Ax ruler. M
8 Bardrick English Ax ruler. M
9 Bardrick German Soldier who wields an axe. M

10 Barrak Hebrew Variant of Barak: Lightning.Flash of lightning. M
11 Barrick English Grain farm. M
12 Beck English Brook. M
13 Beck Swedish From the brook. M
14 Bek English Brook. M
15 Bendek Polish Polish form of Benedict 'blessed'. M
16 Bendik Latin Blessed. M
17 Bendyk Polish Polish form of Benedict 'blessed'. M
18 Beneberak Biblical Sons of lightning M
19 Benedek Latin Blessed. M
20 Benedick English A variant of Benedict, meaning blessed, given to a Shakespearian character in the play Much Ado About Nothing. M