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1 Baal-perazim Biblical God of divisions M
2 Baalim Biblical Idols; masters; false gods M
3 Baasim Muslim Variant of Basim: Smiling.. M
4 Bahram Persian Name of a Persian king. M
5 Bahurim Biblical Choice, warlike, valiant. M
6 Balaam Biblical The ancient of the people, the destruction of the people. M
7 Baram Hebrew Son of the nation. M
8 Barnham English Variant of Barnum: From the baron's home. M
9 Barnum English From the baron's home. M

10 Barram Irish Handsome. M
11 Barthram English Glorious raven. M
12 Bartram Danish Glorious raven. The raven was consecrated to the Norse war god Odin and was the emblem of the Danish royal standard. M
13 Bartram English Famous; glorious raven. M
14 Bartram German Glorious raven. M
15 Bartram Teutonic Shining raven. M
16 Basaam Muslim Variant of Basam: Smiling.. M
17 Basam Muslim Smiling.. M
18 Baseem Muslim Variant of Basim: Smiling.. M
19 Basim Arabic Smile. M
20 Basim Muslim Smiling.. M