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201 Bevon Welsh Variant of Bevan: Evan's son. M
202 Bevyn Celtic Young soldier. M
203 Bevyn Welsh Youthful. M
204 Bharain Gaelic Lives near the clear stream. M
205 Bheathain Gaelic Lives near the clear stream. M
206 Bhradain Scottish Salmon. M
207 Bigthan Biblical In the press, giving meat. M
208 Bilhan Biblical Who is old or confused. M
209 Bilshan Biblical In the tongue. M

210 Binean Irish Variant of Beanon: Good. M
211 Binean Latin Blessed. M
212 Bingen Basque Conquers. M
213 Binyamin Hebrew Ploughman. M
214 Biorn Norse Bear. M
215 Birgin Scandinavian Variant of Bergen: Lives on the hillside. M
216 Biron English Surname used as a given name. Biron was the name of a character in Shakespeare's Loves Labours Lost. M
217 Bishamon Japanese The Japanese god of war. M
218 Bithron Biblical Divisions. M
219 Biton Greek Son of a priestess. M
220 Bittan German Desire. M