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61 Barin Teutonic Noble fighter. M
62 Baron English Warrior; A title of nobility used as a given name. M
63 Baron French A title of nobility used as a given name. M
64 Baron Hebrew Derived from phrase Bar Aaron meaning son of Aaron. M
65 Baron Teutonic Noble fighter. M
66 Barrin Teutonic Noble fighter. M
67 Barrington English Fair-haired. Based on a surname and place name of uncertain origin. Occasionally used as a first name. M
68 Barrington Irish Fair-haired. M
69 Barron English Warrior; Variant of the title Baron. M

70 Barron Teutonic Noble fighter. M
71 Bartalan Aramaic Ploughman. M
72 Bartalan Hungarian Hungarian form of Bartholomew 'farmer'. M
73 Barton English From the barley farm. M
74 Bashan Biblical In the tooth; in ivory M
75 Bastiaan Greek Revered. M
76 Bastian Latin Diminutive of Sebastian: Venerable. M
77 Bastien Greek Revered. M
78 Baudoin German Variant of Baldwin: Brave friend. M
79 Bawdewyn Anglo-Saxon Bold friend. M
80 Bayen Anglo-Saxon From Ban. M