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81 Berenger German Derived rom an Old German compound meaning bear-spear. The name was fairly common in medieval Britain but is rarely used today. M
82 Bergelmir Norse A mythical giant. M
83 Bergthor Norse Thor's spirit. M
84 Besor Biblical Glad news, incarnation. M
85 Beth-car Biblical The house of the lamb. M
86 Beth-gader Biblical A house for a mouse M
87 Beth-peor Biblical House of gaping, or opening M
88 Beth-zur Biblical House of a rock. M
89 Bether Biblical Division, or in the trial. M

90 Bezer Biblical Vine branches. M
91 Bhaltair Scottish Strong fighter. M
92 Bhaskar Hindi Sun. M
93 Bhaskar Indian Sun. M
94 Bhaswar Hindi Variant of Bhasvah: Light. M
95 Bicoir ArthurianLegend Father of Arthur. M
96 Bidkar Biblical In compunction, or sharp pain. M
97 Binger Latin Conqueror. M
98 Bionbyr Norse Warrior's estate. M
99 Birger Norse Rescue. M
100 Birger Scandinavian Helping. M