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121 Bonner French Variant of Bonar: Gentle. M
122 Booker English Bible. M
123 Bor Norse Father of Odin. M
124 Borr Swedish Youth. M
125 Bour African Rock. M
126 Bourchier Shakespearean 'King Richard III' Cardinal Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury. M
127 Bozidar Czech Gift from God. M
128 Bozydar Polish Gift from God. M
129 Bradwr Welsh Traitor. M

130 Brander Norse Firebrand. M
131 Brandr Norse Firebrand. M
132 Branor ArthurianLegend A knight. M
133 Brewer English Variant of Brewster: Brewer. M
134 Brewster English One who brews ale. See also Webster. M
135 Bridger English Lives near a bridge. M
136 Broder Scandinavian Brother. M
137 Bror Scandinavian Diminutive of Broder: Brother. M
138 Brougher English Lives at the fortress. M
139 Bruhier Arabic Name of a Sultan. M
140 Brydger English Lives at tbe bridge. M