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61 Berny German Diminutive of Bernard: Brave as a bear. M
62 Berry English Flower; berry. M
63 Berty English Diminutive of Bert: Bright light. M
64 Bethany Biblical 'The house of song, the house of affliction' M
65 Beverley English Beaver stream, from the beaver meadow. Derived from a surname and place name. First used as a boy's first name in the late 19th century, it gradually came to be used also as a girl's name, although Beverly is the more common feminine form. M
66 Beverly English From the beaver meadow. M
67 Bialy Polish Diminutive of Bialas: White; white haired. M
68 Billy English Nickname for William 'resolute protector' often used as an independent name. M
69 Billy German Diminutive of William: Will-helmet. Famous Bearers: poet and playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and William Wordsworth (1770-1850). M

70 Bily Czechoslovakian White. M
71 Birkey English From the birch tree island. M
72 Birky English Variant of Birkey: Birch island. M
73 Birley English From the cattle shed on the meadow. M
74 Birly English Variant of Birley: Cow pasture. M
75 Birney English Lives on the brook island. M
76 Birny English Variant of Birney: Small river or stream with an island. M
77 Blaeey English Blond. M
78 Blainey Celtic Slender. M
79 Blakeley English Variant of Blakely: From the light meadow; from the dark meadow. M
80 Blakely English From the light meadow; from the dark meadow. M