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361 Carthage English The anglicized form of the Irish Carthach, which is a variant of Caradoc. The Irish St. Carthach, also known as St Carthage, founded an early 7th century monastery at Lismore, County Waterford. M
362 Carthage Irish Variant of Carthach: Loving. M
363 Carthage Welsh Variant of Caradoc: Affection; amiable. M
364 Cartland English From the land between the streams. M
365 Cartwright English Builder of carts. M
366 Carvel English From the villa by the march. M
367 Carvel French Swamp dweller. M
368 Carvell English From the villa by the march. M
369 Carvell French Swamp dweller; spearman's estate or marshy estate. M

370 Carver English Carves wood or sculpts. M
371 Carwyn Welsh Variant of Caerwyn: White fortress. M
372 Cary Celtic From the fortress. M
373 Cary English Stream. Cary became a popular masculine first name in mid-2Oth century because of actor Cary Grant, whose real name was Archibald Leach. M
374 Cary Irish Of the dark ones. M
375 Cary Welsh From the castle. 'Loving.'. M
376 Caryl English Variant of Carroll: Man. Famous Bearer: late television actor Carroll O'Connor. M
377 Cas Welsh Legendary son of Seidi. M
378 Casca Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' A conspirator against Caesar. M
379 Case English Bringer of peace. M
380 Case Irish Variant of Casey: Observant; alert; vigorous. M