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641 Chandraraj Hindi Moon king. M
642 Chandresh Hindi Moon leader. M
643 Chane African Plant. M
644 Chane French Oak-hearted. M
645 Chaney French Oak tree; oak-hearted. M
646 Chang Chinese Smooth. M
647 Chango Spanish Variant of Chago: Heel. M
648 Chaniel Hebrew God's grace. M
649 Chankoowashtay NativeAmerican Good road (Sioux). M

650 Chankrisna Cambodian Tree. M
651 Chanler French Maker of candles. M
652 Chann English Young wolf. M
653 Chann Irish Young wolf. M
654 Channe English Young wolf. M
655 Channe Irish Young wolf. M
656 Channiel Hebrew Variant of Chaniel: God's grace. M
657 Channing English Church official; wise; young wolf. M
658 Channing French Member of the bishop's council. M
659 Channing Irish Young wolf. M
660 Channon English Young wolf. M