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921 Chuioke African Nigerian name meaning 'talented'. M
922 Chul Korean Firm. M
923 Chul-moo Korean Iron weapon. M
924 Chuma African Zimbabwean name meaning 'bead'. M
925 Chuma Egyptian Wealthy. M
926 Chumin Spanish Lord. M
927 Chuminga Spanish Variant of Chumin: Lord. M
928 Chumo Spanish Twin. M
929 Chun Biblical Making ready. M

930 Chung-Hee Korean Righteous. M
931 Chung-Ho Korean Variant of Chung-Hee: Righteous. M
932 Chunta NativeAmerican Cheating (Hopi). M
933 Churchill English Lives at the church hill. M
934 Churchyll English Lives at the church hill. M
935 Chushan-rishathaim Biblical Blackness of iniquities. M
936 Chuslum Moxmox NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning yellow bull. M
937 Chuza Biblical The seer or prophet. M
938 Chval Czechoslovakian Flattery. M
939 Chwalibog Polish Praise God. M
940 Cian Gaelic Ancient. M