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1141 Coch Welsh Legendary son of Caw. M
1142 Cochise NativeAmerican Wood. Renowned warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache. M
1143 Cochlain Irish Hooded. M
1144 Cocidius Celtic Mythical hunter god. M
1145 Cocles Latin A hero who saved Rome. M
1146 Cocytus Greek River of lamenting. M
1147 Codell English Helpful. M
1148 Codell Irish Helpful. M
1149 Codey English Variant of Cody: Cushion; helpful. M

1150 Codey Irish Helpful. M
1151 Codi English A cushion. M
1152 Codie English Variant of Cody: Cushion; helpful. M
1153 Codie Irish Helpful. M
1154 Cody English A cushion; Helpful. M
1155 Cody Irish Helpful. M
1156 Coe Irish Diminutive of Cowan: Valley in a hill; twin. M
1157 Coed Welsh Dwells in the woods. M
1158 Coeus Greek Father of Leto. M
1159 Cofahealh English Lives at the cave slope. M
1160 Coghlan Irish Hooded. M