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1161 Coigleach Gaelic Distaff. M
1162 Coilean Irish Puppy. M
1163 Coilin Gaelic Virile. M
1164 Coilin Irish Virile. M
1165 Coillcumhann Gaelic From the narrow forest. M
1166 Coillcumhann Irish From the narrow forest. M
1167 Coilleach Gaelic Guards the forest. M
1168 Coinleain Gaelic Shaped as a well. M
1169 Coinneach Celtic Handsome. M

1170 Coinneach Gaelic Handsome. M
1171 Coinneach Irish Variant of Canice: Good-looking; handsome. M
1172 Coire Gaelic Ravine. M
1173 Coire Scottish Seething pool. M
1174 CoireaIl Irish Lordly. M
1175 Coireall Greek Lordly. M
1176 Coiseam Scottish Steady; stable. M
1177 Colan English Variant of Colin: Of a triumphant people; young boy. M
1178 Colan French Abbreviation of Nicholas 'people's victory.'. M
1179 Colan Gaelic Child. M
1180 Colbert English Seaman. M