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1181 Colbert French Dark; dark-haired. M
1182 Colbert Teutonic Cool and inteIligent. M
1183 Colbey French Dark; dark-haired. M
1184 Colby Anglo-Saxon From the dark village. M
1185 Colby English From tbe black farm. M
1186 Cole English Diminutive of Colin: Of a triumphant people; young boy. M
1187 Cole Greek People's victory. M
1188 Coleman English Dove; dark skinned. M
1189 Coleman Irish Dove. M

1190 Colemann English Dark skinned. M
1191 Coletun English From the dark town. M
1192 Coley English Variant of Nicholas 'people's victory.'. M
1193 Colfre English Dove. M
1194 Colhoun Irish Variant of Calhoun: Small forest. M
1195 Colhozeh Biblical Every prophet. M
1196 Colier English Charcoal merchant. M
1197 Colin English Of a triumphant people; young boy. M
1198 Colin French A variant of Nicholas, which means 'people's victory', from a French diminutive. M
1199 Colin Gaelic Child or virile. M
1200 Colin Greek Variant of Nicholas: People's victory. M