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1381 Corcoran Irish Cork; reddish skin. Surname. M
1382 Corcurachan Gaelic Reddish skinned. M
1383 Cord English Variant of Cordell 'cordmaker.'. M
1384 Cord German Honest advisor. M
1385 Cordale English Variant of Cordell 'cordmaker.'. M
1386 Corday English Variant of Cordell 'cordmaker.'. M
1387 Cordell English A rope maker; cordmaker. M
1388 Cordero Spanish Lamb. M
1389 Corey Anglo-Saxon Chosen. M

1390 Corey English Hill hollow. M
1391 Corey Gaelic Ravine. M
1392 Corey Irish From the round hill or hollow.'. M
1393 Corey Scottish Seething pool. M
1394 Cori Gaelic Ravine. M
1395 Cori Irish From the round hill. M
1396 Coridan Greek Ready to fight. M
1397 Corin Irish Spear bearer. Also a variant of Corey: From the hollow. M
1398 Corin Shakespearean As You Like It' A shepherd. M
1399 Corinth Biblical Which is satisfied, ornament, beauty. M
1400 Coriolanus Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' Caius Marcius Coriolanus. M