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1461 Corwyn English Friend of the heart. M
1462 Corwyn Gaelic From beyond the hill. M
1463 Corwynn English Variant of Corwin: Heart's friend. M
1464 Cory English Hill; hollow. M
1465 Cory Irish From the round hill. M
1466 Cory Scottish Seething pool. M
1467 Corybantes Greek Priest of Rhea. M
1468 Corydon English Ready for battle/war. M
1469 Corydon Greek Ready to fight. M

1470 Coryell English Wears a helmet. M
1471 Cos Greek Order. M
1472 Cosam Biblical Divining. M
1473 Cosgrave Irish Variant of Cosgrove: Triumphant. M
1474 Cosgrove Irish Triumphant. M
1475 Cosima Greek Order. M
1476 Cosimo Greek Variant of Cosmo: From 'kosmos' meaning order. M
1477 Cosimo Italian The Italion form of the Greek Cosmo, meaning order. Famous bearers - several members of the Medici family including three grand dukes of Tuscany. M
1478 Cosmas Greek Order. M
1479 Cosme Greek Variant of Cosmo: From 'kosmos' meaning order. M
1480 Cosmo Greek From 'kosmos' meaning order. St Cosmas, patron saint of physicians, and his twin brother St Damian were martyred in the early 4th century. M