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1741 Cyrek Polish Lordly. M
1742 Cyrene Biblical A wall, coldness, the floor. M
1743 Cyrenius Biblical Who governs. M
1744 Cyril English Master; lord. M
1745 Cyril Greek Lord, lordly. Famous bearer, the 9th-century missionary Saint Cyril, devised the Cyrillic alphabet used in Slavonic languages. M
1746 Cyrill English Master; lord. M
1747 Cyrill Greek Master; lord. M
1748 Cyrille Greek Variant of Cyril: Lord. M
1749 Cyrillus Greek Variant of Cyril: Lord. M

1750 Cyrus Biblical As miserable; as heir M
1751 Cyrus Greek Enthroned. Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and founded the Persian Empire. M
1752 Cyrus Latin Sun. M
1753 Cyrus Persian From the Persian name Kurush, meaning throne. In sixth century BC, King Cyrus the Great founded the Persian empire. M
1754 Cyryl Greek Lordly. M
1755 Cyryl Polish Lordly. M
1756 Cystenian Welsh Steady; stable. M
1757 Cystennin Welsh Constant. M
1758 Czar Russian Emperor. Variant of Caesar. M
1759 Czcibor Polish Fights with honour. M
1760 Czeck Polish Variant of Czeslaw: Glory and honour. M