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21 Claud French From the Roman clan name Claudius, derived from the latin meaning lame. F: Claudette, Claudia, Claudine. M
22 Claud Latin Has a limp; lame. M
23 Claud Scottish From the French Claude, a variant of the Latin Claudium meaning lame. Introduced into Scotland by the 6th century Hamilton family. Famous person: British actor Claude Rains. M
24 Cleveland English From the cliff land. M
25 Clifford English Ford near a slope. From an Old English surname and place name, used commonly as a first name since the late 19th century. Famous bearer: pianist Sir Clifford Curzon. M
26 Clifford Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Lord Clifford. Also Young Clifford, son to Lord Clifford. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Lord Clifford. M
27 Clifland English From the cliff land. M
28 Clintwood English Hillside. M
29 Clud Welsh Lame. M

30 Clustfeinad Celtic Mythical father of Clust. M
31 Clyfford English Variant of Clifford: River ford near a cliff. M
32 Clyfland English From the cliff land. M
33 Clyford English Cliff-side ford. M
34 Coed Welsh Dwells in the woods. M
35 Collingwood English Forest. M
36 Conrad German Honest advisor Brave; wise. M
37 Conrad Slavic Brave; wise. M
38 Conrad Teutonic Bo!d speech. M
39 Cord English Variant of Cordell 'cordmaker.'. M
40 Cord German Honest advisor. M