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21 Camdene Gaelic From the crooked valley. M
22 Camille French The French form of Camilla or Camillus. Although Camille is used as both a girl's and boy's name in France, outside France it is not used as a masculine name. Famous bearer: the famous 1936 Greta Garbo film 'Camille'. M
23 Camille Latin Variant of Camillus: Temple servant. This name of unknown origin was used by many young attendants of priests and priestesses in ancient Rome. M
24 Camline Latin Song. M
25 Canice Irish Good-looking; handsome. M
26 Cannine Latin Crimson. M
27 Canowicakte NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning forest hunter. M
28 Canute Norse Knot. M
29 Canute Scandinavian Knot. M

30 Canute Teutonic Hill. M
31 Caolaidhe Gaelic Slender. M
32 Caolaidhe Irish Slender. M
33 Carlie Gaelic Small champion. M
34 Carlisle English From the protected tower; from the walled city. Also a place name in Britain. M
35 Carlisle Shakespearean 'King Richard The Second' Bishop of Carlisle. M
36 Carlyle English Variant of Carlisle: From the protected tower; from the walled city. M
37 Carmelide ArthurianLegend Guinevere's father. M
38 Carmine English Garden. M
39 Carmine Hebrew Vine dresser. M
40 Carne Gaelic Variant of English surname Cairn meaning landmark or memorial of piled-up stones. M