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101 Cinese African Variant of Chinese: Nigerian name meaning 'God protects'. M
102 Cinneide Irish Variant of Cinneidid: Helmeted; helmed head. M
103 Cissie English Diminutive of Christie: Diminutives of any masculine or feminine name begining with Christ-, for example Christahel, Christian, or Christopher. M
104 CIyde Welsh Loud voiced. M
105 Claegborne English From the clay brook. M
106 Claiborne English Variant of Clayborne: Stream by a clay bed. M
107 Clarance English Variant of Clarence: Clear. M
108 Clare English Diminutive of Clarence: Clear. M
109 Clare Latin Illustrious. M

110 Clarence English From the surname and place name Clare, meaning bright or clear. Famous bearers: George, Duke of Clarence, brother of King Edward IV and King Richard III, who is traditionally believed to have drowned in Malmsey wine. M
111 Clarence Latin Bright; shining; gentle. M
112 Clarence Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' George Bevis. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' George, son of Richard Plantagenet and afterwards Duke of Clarence. 'King Richard III', George, Duke of Clarence, brother to Edward IV. M
113 Clarke English Cleric; secretary. M
114 Claude English Lame. M
115 Claude French From the Roman clan name Claudius, derived from the latin meaning lame. F: Claudette, Claudia, Claudine. M
116 Claude Latin Has a limp; lame. M
117 Clayborne English From the clay brook. M
118 Claybourne English From the clay brook. M
119 Claybourne Teutonic Mortal. M
120 Cleme English Diminutive of Clement: Gentle. Famous Bearer: Clement Moore, writer of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. M