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1 Cadawg Welsh Battle sharp. M
2 Canning French Variant of Cannon: Church official. M
3 Caradawg Welsh Legendary father of Eudav. M
4 Caradog Welsh Variant of Caradoc: Affection; amiable. M
5 Carling Gaelic Variant of Carlin: Small champion. M
6 Carraig Gaelic Rocky headland. M
7 Carraig Irish From the rocky headland. M
8 Cenewig English Bold warrior. M
9 Cenewyg English Bold warrior. M

10 Ceredig Welsh Variant of Cerdic: Cherished. M
11 Chang Chinese Smooth. M
12 Channing English Church official; wise; young wolf. M
13 Channing French Member of the bishop's council. M
14 Channing Irish Young wolf. M
15 Cheng-Gong Chinese Success. M
16 Chlodwig German Famous warrior. M
17 Chwalibog Polish Praise God. M
18 Claeg English Mortal. M
19 Cong Chinese Intelligent. M
20 Cormag Scottish Raven. M