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1 Cacamwri ArthurianLegend Servant. M
2 Cachamwri Celtic Mythical servant of Arthur. M
3 Cachi Spanish Bringer of peace. M
4 Cadi Arabic Luck. M
5 Cai ArthurianLegend Arthur's brother. M
6 Cai English Diminutive of Caius: A variant of Gaius; which is a more common form of the name in Britain. Famous bearer: Cambridge's Caius College is named after its founder, John Caius. M
7 Cai Welsh A diminutive of Cajus, frequently used as an independent name in Wales. Rejoicer. M
8 Cappi Italian Luck. M
9 Carmi Biblical My vineyard, lamb of the waters. M

10 Carmi Hebrew Vine dresser. M
11 Ccri Welsh Loved one. M
12 Cha'akmongwi NativeAmerican Crier chief (Hopi). M
13 Chadlai Hebrew Stop. M
14 Chagai Hebrew Mediates. M
15 Chai Hebrew Life. M
16 Chanti Spanish Supplanter. M
17 Chavivi Hebrew Dearly loved. M
18 Chelubai Biblical He altogether against me M
19 Chenani Biblical My pillar. M
20 Chevi French Diminutive of Chevalier: Knight. M