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41 Carvel English From the villa by the march. M
42 Carvel French Swamp dweller. M
43 Carvell English From the villa by the march. M
44 Carvell French Swamp dweller; spearman's estate or marshy estate. M
45 Caryl English Variant of Carroll: Man. Famous Bearer: late television actor Carroll O'Connor. M
46 Cashel Irish From Cashel. M
47 Cassiel Greek The guardian of Capricornians. M
48 Castel English Variant of Castle: Castle. M
49 Cathal Celtic Strong in battle. M

50 Cathal Irish Battle strong. M
51 Cathall Irish Ready for war. M
52 Cavell Teutonic Bold. M
53 Cearbhall French Manly. M
54 Cearbhall Irish Manly. M
55 Cecil English Blind (from the Roman clan name Caecilius). Famous bearers: the African state of Rhodesia is named after British statesman Cecil Rhodes; American film producer/director Cecil B. de Mille. M
56 Cecil Latin Blind. Also an English/Welsh surname. M
57 Cedl Latin Blind. M
58 Cemal Arabic Beauty. M
59 Chal Gypsy Boy. M
60 Chalcol Biblical Who nourishes, consumes, and sustains the whole. M