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81 Cinwell English Lives at the king's spring. M
82 Circehyll English Lives at the church hill. M
83 Cnidel ArthurianLegend Name of a king. M
84 Codell English Helpful. M
85 Codell Irish Helpful. M
86 CoireaIl Irish Lordly. M
87 Coireall Greek Lordly. M
88 Coll Gaelic Child. M
89 Colonel English Military rank. M

90 Colvill French Variant of Colville: Place name in France. M
91 Comhghall Irish Hostage. M
92 Conal Celtic High; mighty. M
93 Conal Irish High and mighty. M
94 Conall Celtic Strong in battle High; mighty. M
95 Conall Irish High and mighty. M
96 Connal Celtic 'High; mighty.'. M
97 Connal Irish High and mighty. M
98 Connell Celtic Strong in battle. M
99 Connell Irish Variant of Conall: High and mighty. M
100 Cordell English A rope maker; cordmaker. M