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1 Cabbon Biblical As though understanding. M
2 Cadarn Welsh Strong. M
3 Cadellin Welsh Legendary father of Gweir. M
4 Caden Welsh Spirit of battle. See also Kade. M
5 Cadman Anglo-Saxon Warrior. M
6 Cadman Celtic Fighter. M
7 Cadman Welsh Warrior. M
8 Cadmon Welsh Warrior. M
9 Cadwallen Welsh Battle disolver. Also a variant of Cadwallon: Arranges the battle. M

10 Cadwallon Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
11 Cadwallon ArthurianLegend A seventh century king. M
12 Cadwallon Welsh Arranges the battle. M
13 Cadwgawn Welsh Legendary son of Iddon. M
14 Caedmon Anglo-Saxon Poet. M
15 Caelan Gaelic Contemporary variant of Cailean 'Child.'. M
16 Caelan Irish Powerful warrior. M
17 Caelin Irish Variant of Caelan: Powerful warrior. M
18 Caer Llion Welsh From Caerleon. M
19 Caerleon ArthurianLegend Name of a battle site. M
20 Caerwyn Welsh White fortress. M