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241 Colin Gaelic Child or virile. M
242 Colin Greek Variant of Nicholas: People's victory. M
243 Colin Scottish Young dog. A translation of the Gaelic 'Cailean' Also, 'victory of the people'. M
244 Collan Gaelic Variant of Cullen: Handsome; good-looking lad. M
245 Collin English Variant of Colin: Of a triumphant people; young boy. M
246 Collin French Abbreviation of Nicholas 'people's victory.'. M
247 Collin Gaelic Child. M
248 Collin Irish Virile. M
249 Collton English Variant of Colton: From a dark town. Also a variant of Colston: Unknown owner of property. M

250 Colman English Variant of Coleman: Dove; dark skinned. M
251 Colman Irish Dove. M
252 Colon Latin Dove. M
253 Colquhoun Irish Variant of Calhoun: Small forest. M
254 Colquhoun Scottish From Colquhoun. M
255 Colson English Triumphant people; people's victory. M
256 Colston English Unknown owner of property. M
257 Colten English Coal town. M
258 Colton English From the dark town. M
259 Colwin Welsh Variant of Colwyn: Name of a river in Wales. M
260 Colwyn Welsh Name of a river in Wales. M